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Payment Options


Replacing your home cooling system can be a major decision; one you don't want to make based strictly on cost. That's why we offer convenient financing options:

•Financing Available!

•No down payment needed

•Easy, quick application process

•No annual fees

Commercial Leasing

Enjoy the many benefits of

leasing offered by Service Now Heating & Air, Inc:

•Conserve Working Capital

When a business leases new air conditioning equipment, working capital is not reduced and bank credit lines are not affected. Working capital can be used elsewhere or kept in reserve for other needs.

•Tax Deductible

Lease payments may be fully deductible.

•Less Initial Cost

With our business leasing, 100% of your equipment cost can be leased to include extended warranties. In most cases, we require no money down.

•Help Eliminate Repair Costs

Upgrade all your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment today and eliminate repair costs for many years.

•Capital Budgets

Many businesses both small and large are faced with limited budgets. When faced with large bills, leasing new air conditioning and refrigeration equipment can solve the problem and keep costs within the capital budget.

Financing provided by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Financial.

Wells Fargo Financial is an affiliate of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Credit Cards Welcome!

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